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Ham Radio Deluxe
Full Version

Release Date:12/7/2016


Current and expired users can download this and get the latest version of the program, but only users under that are current under the support/new upgrades licence can get the new features... everyone gets bug fixes. Please note that HRD no longer runs on XP.

Ham Radio Deluxe
30 Day Trial

Free Trial Version -

Release Date: 12/7/2016


New and Trial Users: Please download and read the Getting Started Manual .



New and Trial Users: Please download and read the Getting Started Manual .


The full manual for Version 6.2 is in .PDF format, we are in the process of updating our manual, and can be downloaded HERE

NEW! 6.3 Radio Control manual is HERE.

Release Notes


The release notes for this version are in .PDF format and can be found HERE


The new QRZ Logbook upload procedure can be found HERE


5.x, 6.2 > 6.3 Migration information is here.

Support Files

HRD Voice

HRD Voice is a mode located inside DM-780. This mode allows you to operate voice communications using a standard, inexpensive computer headset. For a complete writeup of how HRD Voice works, click HERE.

HRD and Flex Setup

For full instructions on setting up the Flex radios with Ham Radio Deluxe, click HERE. This .PDF includes information on Virtual Audio Cables.

Activating Ham Radio Deluxe

If you are a new user, you will be prompted to enter your Call Sign upon launching HRD after install. If you have purchased a CD or license key online, please enter the 16 digit code at this time.

After purchasing a Support and Upgrade renewal or ordering a license key after a free trial then click HERE for instructions on entering in your new key.

Teamviewer for Remote Sessions

HRD Software offers a direct download link for Teamviewer. This is a secure connection that allows our support team to remote into your computer with your permission. You will be on the phone with a support member as well as viewing your computer screen during the remote session.


If you have Teamviewer V11 please shut that down and use this version (10)

TeamViewer for Remote Support TeamViewer for your
Remote Support!