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Software maintenance and support gives the user access to all support facilities available for the software and new features. This includes support via e-mail, telephone support, support ticket system, and if necessary direct connect to help you solve problems which may arise with the software. It also includes all updates and patch fixes for the software during the Software maintenance and support period.
At the expiration of your Software maintenance and support the software DOES NOT stop functioning. The only thing you lose is access to the technical support and new features added after your expiration date. You get lifetime bug fixes even if your Software maintenance and supports expired.

Ham Radio Deluxe

Full Version - $99.95

NEW customers or customers upgrading from 5.x need this, as do people that wish to purchase HRD after trying the 30 day free trial.


Upon purchase of this product, you will receive a LIFETIME LICENSE of Ham Radio Deluxe.


PLEASE NOTE: WINDOWS XP is no longer supported.


You only need to purchase once and you will have full use of Ham Radio Deluxe forever. The lifetime license comes with a 1 year support and new features. Renewal of your software maintenance and support is optional. Your license will continue to be valid for the last release of Ham Radio Deluxe that your license qualified for. Without renewal of the support subscription, no further upgrades or updates will become available to your license.

Software maintenance and support includes tech support, new radio's, updates to the country lists, new features and bug fixes. When your software maintenance and support expires, this only entitles you to bug fixes

Download Ham Radio Deluxe Here

Ham Radio Deluxe Upgrade/Renewal

Support and Upgrades - $49.95

FOR EXISTING V6 CUSTOMERS ONLY - NOT V5 to V6 upgrade. Also NOT for users that wish to upgrade from the 30 day free trial.


The Ham Radio Deluxe Upgrade is a continuation of support and new enhancements for Ham Radio Deluxe. This package gives 1 additional year of support and new features for the software. All upgrades will be verified for previous purchases before the license is released to the buyer. If a license is not verified for the previous purchase, the buyer will be refunded and asked to purchase the full version of the product.

Purchase of this package is optional and is not required bug fixes to any version that your license was eligible for.

Single Incident/ After Hours Support Assistance..
Windows Vista or later

If you are out of warranty on your HRD Version 6 and need help with one issue, you can purchase this one time support incident for access to live technical support staff, or if you need help after our normal business hours with phone and/or remote support. Tickets are still covered under your normal support plan.

This is not a renewal for new features!!  Use the upgrade purchase for that!!

Click Here to Purchase - $19.95

Minimum Recommended Requirements

Windows Vista

 -8GB RAM, 350GB hard drive storage, Core 2 Duo Processor, 1024x768 256 color display

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

- 8GB RAM,350 GB hard drive storage, Dual Core Processor, 1920x1080 Hi-Color display